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General IP
Best PracticesCreating start-up companies: Valuing transferred intellectual property and skills

This presentation provides an overview of the elements considered by each of the parties involved in the discussion on the relative value of transferred intellectual property and know how at the time of the incorporation of a start-up company.

Best PracticesIP4Inno – EPO

A collection of Intellectual Property (IP) teaching materials to be used in a "train the trainers" philosophy.

Best PracticesAUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual

A compendium of the collective knowledge of expert US practitioners in the field of academic technology transfer.

Best PracticesU.S. Academic Technology Transfer Models: Traditional, Experimental and Hypothetical

This Les Nouvelles article reviews the traditional technology transfer models as well as more recent experimental approaches and hypothetical alternative models.

Best PracticesThe IP teaching kit

The European Patent Office (EPO) provides an unique and comprehensive set of Intellectual property (IP) teaching materials

Best PracticesModel Intellectual Property Policy for Universities and Research Institutions

The tool might serve both as a template and as a set of guidelines on which the universities can base their own IP policies.

Best PracticesTechnology Commercialization Panel: Taking University Inventions To Market

Panel discussion involving different academic and non-academic stakeholders on the transfer of a university invention from the bench to the market.

Best PracticesStarting, Financing, and Building Life Science Technology Companies to Success

Panel discussion involving experts in biopharmaceutics, medical devices and cellular therapies on starting, financing, and building life science technology companies.

Best PracticesIntellectual Property in Collaborations

This Praxis Unico presentation discusses the many intellectual property issues to consider when negotiating and drafting collaboration agreements.

Best PracticesFact Sheet IP joint ownership

This IPR helpdesk fact sheet aims at highlighting the most essential intellectual property (IP) issues to be addressed when handling jointly owned assets in contractual arrangements.

Best PracticesCommercialising Intellectual Property: Assignment Agreements

This IPR helpdesk fact sheet provides an outline of the main provisions of an assignment agreement as well as a checklist when negotiating an assignment.

Best PracticesUNICO Practical Guide on Students and IP

This Practical Guide focusses on how universities can protect their interests in student-generated IP.

Best PracticesUNICO Practical Guide on Spin-out Transactions

This Practical Guide focusses on the transactions and issues associated with the creation of a spin-out company.

Best PracticesUNICO Practical Guide on General Legal Issues

This Practical Guide provides a brief, practical overview of legal issues associated with university legal contracts.

Best PracticesWhat Makes a good business plan?

This presentation of Heriot-Watt intended for an academic audience provides an overview of the factors involved in creating a good business plan.

Best PracticesDrug Discovery and Development: Understanding The R&D Process

This brochure provides a detailed layman’s overview of the drug R&D process, which may be particularly useful to TT professionals without a pharmaceutical research background.

Policy MeasuresFund for Industrial research (IOF) – Flanders (B)


Best PracticesLife Science licenses: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This presentation by Jeff Pootolal gives a comprehensive overview of important elements to consider when negotiating and drafting a license agreement.

Best PracticesRoyalty Monetization Primer, Current Trends, and Best Practices

In this presentation Jeff Pootolal explains what royalty monetization is,  how it works and why  academic institutes should consider monetizing their future royalty income.

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