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Best PracticesIP4Inno – EPO

A collection of Intellectual Property (IP) teaching materials to be used in a "train the trainers" philosophy.

Best PracticesThe IP teaching kit

The European Patent Office (EPO) provides an unique and comprehensive set of Intellectual property (IP) teaching materials

Best PracticesCommercialising Intellectual Property: Assignment Agreements

This IPR helpdesk fact sheet provides an outline of the main provisions of an assignment agreement as well as a checklist when negotiating an assignment.

Best PracticesLife Science licenses: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This presentation by Jeff Pootolal gives a comprehensive overview of important elements to consider when negotiating and drafting a license agreement.

Best PracticesRoyalty Monetization Primer, Current Trends, and Best Practices

In this presentation Jeff Pootolal explains what royalty monetization is,  how it works and why  academic institutes should consider monetizing their future royalty income.

Best PracticesPatent Inventor Form

This Form is used by KU Leuven Research & Development to collect the information needed for managing and filing a disclosed invention.

Best PracticesGuide to Technology Transfer: Avoiding premature disclosures

A primer on the management of the disclosure of research results in view of novelty requirement for patenting.

Best PracticesGuide to Technology Transfer: Deciding whether to file a patent or not

An overview of the important elements to consider when deciding on whether or not to file a patent application on a disclosed invention.

Best PracticesGuide to Technology Transfer: Patent Drafting

A primer on the drafting of a patent application within the context of an academic research institute.

Best PracticesGuide to Technology Transfer: Documenting and managing the rights on and ownership of patents

A primer on the importance of documenting and managing the rights, in particular third party rights, on patent applications.

Best PracticesGuide to Technology Transfer: Managing Patent Information

A short overview of the main elements of a patent information system in an academic environment.

Best PracticesGuide to Technology Transfer: Collecting information on a disclosed invention

A primer on the information needed to assess the opportunity to file a patent on disclosed invention and on how this information can be collected.

Best PracticesExchanging Value - Negotiating Technology Licensing Agreements: A Training Manual

This guide on negotiating techniques for licensing contracts explains in clear and concise terms a number of basic rules.

Best PracticesSuccessful Technology Licensing

This document provides a hands-on and comprehensive overview of the key issues to be considered when dealing with licensing.

Best PracticesLicensing and Technology Transfer in the Pharmaceutical Industry

This document provides an overview of the frequently asked questions relating to licensing and technology transfer in the pharmaceutical industry

Best PracticesNew Product Launch: Evaluating Your Freedom to Operate

This document discusses the essentials of freedom to operate analysis.

Best PracticesLearn The PCT Video Series

Learn the PCT is a series of 29 short videos on a range of PCT-related topics.
It is designed to provide a basic introduction to important aspects and issues in the international phase and national phase.

Best PracticesPatent on Life?

A concise overview of the European law and practice for patenting biotechnological inventions

Best PracticesBest Practices for the Licensing of Genomic Inventions

These NIH best practices give clear guidelines on patenting genomic inventions and exclusive or non-exclusive licensing of such inventions.

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