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Caries treatment without drilling

Drilling and filling is the usual dentist’s approach to caries. In the early stages, however, caries progression can be halted with a new infiltrant fluid. This fast, painless technique leaves the healthy tooth tissue intact. The German company DMG has perfected the technology, which was invented at Charité-University Medicine in Berlin, Germany and brought it to the worldwide market.

Imagine a dentist who does not reach for his drill as soon as he identifies a caries lesion between two of your teeth. Imagine him sticking an ultrathin device between the teeth and applies a tiny bit of fluid instead, exactly in the right spot – and voilà, you are done. No anaesthetic, no drilling, no filling and no pain and sensitivity in the weeks to come. If you ask dental scientist Hendrik Meyer-Lückel, this will become the preferred routine in dental practices around the world.
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