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Super broccoli with cancer-fighting nutrients

Many people know that broccoli is a healthy vegetable. Thanks to British scientists, a healthier variety of broccoli is available in the the United Kingdom and the United States. This broccoli contains up to three times more of the nutrient glucoraphanin than normal broccoli. Scientific studies indicate that this nutrient may offer protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

‘Producers and retailers in Great Britain are enthusiastic about super broccoli and want to continue selling it,’ says Jan Chojecki, Managing Director of Plant Bioscience Limited (PBL). PBL is the technology transfer company that helped in protecting and commercialising the new broccoli variety. The Beneforté Broccoli, as the super broccoli is called, was launched in British supermarkets in October 2012. ‘In the United States, Walmart daughter, Sam’s Club, stock this broccoli as their only kind of floreted broccoli,’ says Chojecki.
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