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Royalty Monetization Primer, Current Trends, and Best PracticesRoyalty Monetization Primer, Current Trends, and Best Practices

In this presentation Jeff Pootolal explains what royalty monetization is,  how it works and why  academic institutes should consider monetizing their future royalty income.

September 2014
Life Science licenses: The good, the bad, and the uglyLife Science licenses: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This presentation by Jeff Pootolal gives a comprehensive overview of important elements to consider when negotiating and drafting a license agreement.

September 2014
UNICO Practical Guide on Options

As indicated in the title the UNICO guidebook on options is a hands on guide for drafting, interpreting and negotiating clauses of an agreement that grant an option to acquire rights to academic IP. 

June 2013
Nine Points to Consider in Licensing University Technology

Important principles that should be duly considered when negotiating and concluding license agreements on academic technologies.

March 2013
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Types of KT Agreements
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