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Newsletter 4, June 2014

Claar-els van Delft explains the way ENTENTE is strengthening the innovation eco-system in Europe

Claar-els van Delft has been the General Manager of ASTP-Proton almost since the founding of ASTP in 2000. Last week she handed over her position to Erik Vane, to focus again on start-up activities from her own company Riverside project management.

Dear reader,

Last month, at my farewell conference in Oslo, Pierre Benayoun, the project manager of the Entente group kindly offered me to write a few words as editorial for the next newsletter, which I happily accepted and hereby follow up.

At the end of my career at ASTP (since this year ASTP-Proton) and looking back on 14 years of facilitating the profession of and its professionals in technology transfer in Europe, I would like to reflect a bit on this first EU-project experience of ASTP and share with you an idea for a different approach to look at the development and strengthening of our profession.

I have been involved with ASTP almost from its very beginning and witnessed the creation and development of Proton Europe The profession has seriously matured over these 14 years. During the first decade of our existence, the attention within ASTP was primarily focused on the individual tech transfer officer, its training and networking. Meanwhile the care for the profession gradually became stronger and developed into a systematic approach that resulted in metrics, certification initiatives, professional tools, position papers and the creation of several small and large scale communities. But being a privately initiated independent association, ASTP was limited in her resources and needed to carefully select between the many ideas that people felt enthusiastic about and thought we should be doing, and often had to say ‘no’.

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The TTS Europe took place 14-15 April at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, hosted by Inserm Transfert & the Institut Pasteur.

An interactive round-table summit of high-level, gathering early-stage biotech innovation KOLs and decision-makers from across all of the key stakeholder groups: tech transfer, public research, patient organizations, foundations, venture capital, corporate venture, investment banks, start-ups, SMEs, big pharma, and industry. The ENTENTE team interviewed key opinion leaders.

How could medical data crunching contribute to develop new personalised drugs?
What are the challenges in implementing a European patent?
What are the latest challenges making translational research more systematic?

Talking about: General IP, Licensing

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22-25 September 2014 - Belém (Brazil)
EU-Brazil Technology and Innovation Forum and Tour of Brazil

8 October 2014 - Brussels (Belgium)
EuropaBio’s Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award

9 October 2014 - Brussels (Belgium)
ENTENTE-Life Sciences Investment Forum
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