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The ENTENTE community building: reasons for success

The ENTENTE community building: reasons for success

Elena Gaboardi project manager

After two years’ activity, we are happy to say that the ENTENTE community is now made up of more than 730 members and is constantly growing, at an increasingly faster pace.  Every day new subscribers add up through different paths: the ENTENTE website, Linkedin, Facebook and social media alike.

We are keeping the ENTENTE community up to date on developments around the world with our Best Practices, Success Stories and examples of effective Policy Measures in the Knowledge Transfer field.

We know that by sharing this information we can bring awareness to the Tech Transfer Community with a further goal of improving collaborative efforts. This is witnessed by the success of the ENTENTE Professional Exchange Programme, which supports healthcare innovation and academia-industry relations. So far, more than 28 professionals working in European academic TTOs have spent a few weeks in one of the 19 hosting organizations engaged in knowledge transfer in health. Others will join the Programme through the 4th call, which has been recently launched.

Through the project’s lifetime, ENTENTE has attracted early-stage biotech innovation KOLs and decision-makers from across all of the key stakeholder groups: tech transfer, public research, policy makers, patient organizations, foundations, venture capital, corporate venture, investment banks, start-ups, SMEs, big pharma, and industry. All these players bring different perspectives to the attention of the community. We gather advice and testimony on various themes of interest, such as the challenges to be addressed before bringing research out of the laboratory and of turning it into applications, the VC perspective on investment in early stage, the process through which a scientist becomes a start-up entrepreneur. The key aspects of the mechanics of investment in health research have been uncovered.

One of the most exciting aspects of the ENTENTE community is that people discuss TT issues “on their own” in a proactive way, Twitter being the most widely used tool by members. We currently rely on more than 200 followers to facilitate this information exchange and for lively interaction among partners who did not know each other two years ago.

We invite our readers to to find out and lead discussion in topics of interest. We look forward to hearing more about the work of our members and hope to highlight you in coming issues of the ENTENTE  Newsletter!

Editorial from Newsletter 6, November 2014

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for 
research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 305128
  ENTENTE is supported by the European Commission and coordinated by Inserm-Transfert SA