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Get set… On your Mark… Register for the Final Conference!

Get set… On your Mark…  Register for the Final Conference!

Pierre Benayoun 

Project Manager, International Affairs - Inserm Transfert

The ENTENTE Health project is now coming up to its end, so we would proudly welcome you to the ENTENTE Final Conference organized in parallel with the 9th annual TTS Europe 2015 on April 28th and 29th, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. This conference will provide a crystal clear overview of the health sector trends crucial to life science healthcare tech transfer professionals, and give you the opportunity to network with key executives from all relevant stakeholder groups, including:

  • Academia and TTOs
  • Established and Emerging Biotech CEOs and Directors
  • Pharma and Healthcare Industry executives
  • Investors (Seed Funds, VCs, Corporate Venture, etc…)
  • Governmental Funding Bodies, Patient Organizations, Foundations and NGOs

The TTS Europe and the ENTENTE Final Conference will be the result of an international network which strives to help align the interests of the various stakeholder groups to move healthcare innovation forward, to the patient and the market, overcoming challenges and bottlenecks

Preferred rates are available to ENTENTE Members making this conference easily accessible to all of you with the code ENTE13. As this is the final year of the ENTENTE Health project, Europe’s healthcare and life sciences TTOs will never again have the opportunity to register at these minimal rates. Registration are possible via the TTS Europe website.

The ENTENTE Project was launched in September 2012, to run for a 3 year duration in order to establish best practices and build the professional capacities and networks of Europe’s healthcare TTOs. The consortium, consisting of of seven partners, has worked since then to foster interactions between stakeholders of the Health Ecosystem. While giving visibility to Best Practices, Success Stories and existing Policy Measures easing academic results to go from bench to bedside, ENTENTE also gave the opportunity to Tech Transfer Professionals to work alongside their peers and counterparts in the industrial tissue with his Professional Exchange Programme. Of course, the community building aspect continues in the final conference through a unique opportunity to build key relationships and share experiences with each other and other key stakeholders, fostering the development of healthcare technology transfer and supporting healthcare TTOs in Europe with the networks, relationships and professional training and support they need to succeed in their missions.

Editorial from Newsletter 7, January 2015

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for 
research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 305128
  ENTENTE is supported by the European Commission and coordinated by Inserm-Transfert SA