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Instituto Butantan

Organisation available for the Professional Exchange Call: 4 (27th Oct 2014 - 5th Dec 2014)
Instituto Butantan TTO

Type of organisation: institute


Recommended stay period: 1-2 weeks

Areas of expertise looked for:

  • TTO structure and management
  • Licensing
  • Investment analysis


In 1901 Instituto Butantan was established to produce serum against the bubonic plague.  Vital Brazil, its first director, investigated antivenoms against snake bites. Instituto Butantan is a public institution of the State Government of São Paulo, directly related to the Health’s Secretary. It is fully dedicated to develop scientific research and production of immunobiological products for public health. It is set on a 80 hectare area  on the western part of the city of São Paulo  with historical and modern buildings.

Butantan is one of the main public producers of vaccines, antivenoms and antitoxins in Latin America. Its products aim is firstly to fulfil the needs of Brazil through the Brazilian’s System of Public Health (SUS).

Butantan’s  production portfolio consists of six different types of vaccines and twelve other  types of immunoglobines   (anti-venoms, anti-toxins and  anti-viral).  It also collaborates  with  the transmissible diseases  control programme from the Health’s Secretary of the State of São Paulo, with the Brazilian  Health Ministry and with International Institutions like  the Panamerican Health Organization (OPAS) and the  World Health Organization (WHO),   and also partnerships  for  new products development with the  NIH - National Institute of Health,  from the USA, and other institutions like the Bill & Melinda Gates  and  Path   Foundations .

Knowledge   development, based on  basic  and applied research , is concentrated  on the Toxinology and  Biotechnology  fields,  and its Scientific  production has been internationally recognized as one of the most expressive and remarkable  of  the world. As a result of first-class research on the identification and characterization of Bio-active components several patents have emerged, with the perspective of the development of  new Biopharma  substances.

Formation of new scientists is provided by the Post-graduation programmes, professional improvement and scientific initiation's programmes.  University extension  courses are  offered  to  diverse learners, complemented  by publications  and exposition material ,  responsibly transferring to society the resulting new scientific knowledge.

Instituto Butantan is also active in education and cultural diffusion fields through its museums and an extensive green park, being one of the main tourist attractions of the city of São Paulo.

Developing research and products that contribute to the access of health, sharing knowledge with the Society.
Instituto Butantan in figures:

  • Around 50% of all vaccines produced in Brazil come from Instituto Butantan, which supplies the Health’s Ministry with some 160 million doses per year.
  • Butantan is also responsible for the production of more than 500.000 doses of anti-venoms and anti-toxins which corresponds to 2/3 of  the National  Production .
  • 2000 employees, which 200 are Scientific Researchers, and 89%  of them, with Phd degree.
  • More than 1.200 scientific works and essays have been published by Instituto Butantan's researchers in international and national scientific periodicals in last five years.
  • More than 200.000 people per year visit the museums and the park of Instituto Butantan, among which we find, school groups, families and national and foreign tourists.

Contact Point
Name: Luciana Akissue de Camargo Teixeira
Function: Coordinator of the TTO
Department: TTOt
Address: Avenida Vital Brasil, 1500
Phone: +55 11 26279669

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for 
research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 305128
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